Leaf Life Vibrator

Leaf Life Vibrator

The Leaf Life vibrator is biled as a silicone vibrator that helps you celebrate life. Well I can’t promise you that but the Leaf Life vibrator does look like a lot of fun.

It’s a simple device, covered in inert and therefore body friendly silicone so there’s almost no chance that you’ll react to it as you might with vibrator made from cheaper materials.

Smooth and curved, soft and touchable this vibrator is one that is attractive to look at and easy to use. Just as important the simple smooth shape makes it easy to clean before and after use.

Like all other leaf vibrators it’s driven by a PowerBullet™ which is both powerful and stimulating. It comes in one colour the attractive mid to light green of the rest of the Leaf Vibrator range.

And of course this luxury vibrator is rechargeable.

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